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Our Bells Plus Burglar Alarm systems have all the features of Bells Only but with the added benefit of being connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). In the event of the alarm being activated a siren will give an audible alarm internally and externally and the ARC will automatically be alerted that your burglar alarm has just been activated so you can be informed. We will call your home and ask for your Customer Password (to verify a false alarm). If your Password cannot be given by you, or there is no answer, we will call your designated key holder(s) in the priority of your choice and we'll alert them that your burglar alarm has been activated.

So the big advantage with Bells Plus is that if your security system is activated it won't be ignored.

Bells Plus

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Our 3 year warranty which includes maintenance and full breakdown cover is now only £14.99 per month with no tie-in on a one year contract.

We'll always be there, even when you're not.