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CSL signalling is widely known as the most secure form of signalling. The signalling methods available are Single Path Signalling (SPS) and Dual Path Signalling (DPS1, DPS2, DPS3 & DPS4). Your insurance company may determine which method is required or recommended by them.

Single path signalling: This signalling method only ever has one path for signals to be sent and received by the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). So if the path fails only the keyholders can be called. This is unlikely to fully satisfy most insurance companies.

Dual path signalling: This signalling method is preferred by insurers because there are two paths that can be used for transmission. This means if one path fails there is a secondary (back-up) path available and should both paths fail the ARC can alert the police. This is achieved by using CSL products.

Click here for a PDF with full details of CSL products installed and maintained by Guardian Alarms.

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