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Guardian Alarms will upgrade your signalling to one of the ‘Next Generation’ products at the time of an inspection visit.

Why should I upgrade now? As we move towards a new digital phone service, the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) will be upgraded between now and 2025. As your monitored alarm relies on the PSTN to send its signals, your property could be left unprotected if you don’t take action.

Is the new system better? Yes, the new system sends signals in seconds as well as reporting connectivity issues to the Alarm Receiving Centre within minutes, unlike your current signalling.

Will the upgrade be done in one visit? Yes, the product we use is ideal for the new digital service we are moving to and will function from the end of your inspection visit.

What are the costs? The annual charge will be increased by £50 plus VAT. There are no connection fees and if the work is carried out at the time of your inspection, no installation costs unless there is insufficient signal strength or your control panel is not compatible. With the New Generation products there are no call charges and additionally no requirement for a telephone line.

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